You put money in your wallet

when you put SOILATE in you fields.

Your soil has every nutrient that your crop needs to be healthy. The problem is these nutrients are not available to your crops. Soil biology is what makes these nutrients available to your crops and when your crops are healthy they are less affected by disease and pests.

When a plant needs a nutrient it puts out an exudate. An exudate is a sugar and protein substance excreted from the root that is a food for soil microbes. If the plant wants a calcium molecule it puts out a certain type of exudate for microbes and in exchange for the exudate the microbe gives the plant what it needs. When the soil biology is not there this mutual exchange does not happen at a level for optimum health.

Plants have been growing for thousands of years with plenty of nutrients available to them. After a hundred years of intensive mono cropping the soil biology has been hindered requiring inputs of nutrients. Soilate puts those microbes back in the field.

Pests are like natures clean up crew. They go after the weak plants but when plants take up trace minerals made available by soil microbes the plants produce immune system like compounds that make them less desirable to pests.

Soilate contains:

  • Nitrogen Fixing Microbes
  • Microbes that function as Phosphate solubilizers
  • Microbes that act as nutrient cyclers making soil nutrients more bio-available to the plants.
  • Carried in a liquid humate base that serves to build soil organic matter and stimulate plant growth


Products like Soilate have resulted in:
• Yield Increase up to 20%
• 50% Fertilizer Reduction in the first year possible elimination after 2 years
• Chemical Pesticide and Herbicide reduction.
• Better Germination Rates, Faster Germination, Earlier Flowering, Earlier Maturation.
• Increased Plant Nutrient Levels. Plant based trace minerals are bioavailable to your animals which translates up increased weight gain
• Better Water Holding Capacity.
• Builds Soil Organic Matter.

Suggested use is 1 application at planting then a 2nd application 4 weeks later totaling 3-4.5 gallons per acre. Corn needs 4.5 gallons while all other crops the recommendation is 3 gallons per acre.

  • Open Soilate upon receiving so the microbes can get air and leave cap cracked open until application
  • Store between temp 40-70 Fahrenheit for up to 1 year.
  • Apply when night temps are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Do total application at planting if second application is not doable. Split application is best.
  • Product can be co-applied with herbicides. Mix before application. Mixed product will not be viable 24 hours after mixed. Keep sprayer pressure around 30 psi.  DO NOT CO-APPLY with fungicides or fumigants. Gently agitate by stirring with a paddle, shaking, or an air wand before application.
  • Soilate can be put on the seed.
This field was notilled May 5th and the picture was taken July 28, 2017. This field had 10 gallons of starter nitrogen, 150lbs of urea sidedress, Soilate and no other fertilizer.

This picture was taken on August 5, 2017. This field was notilled June 3rd and had starter nitrogen, surface applied liquid manure, and Soilate.
This picture was taken on August 5th 2017. This field was planted June 5th and had starter nitrogen. surface applied liquid manure, and Soilate.

If you can grow it Soliate can make it grow better.                                          

Testimonials from users of Soilate 

We have had a few corn fields that we have always had issues getting corn to do well in certain areas so I wanted to do a side by side comparison. So I sprayed 10 rows in the field and the left the rest of the field go beside it. I also decided to spray my sweet corn in my garden that I have never had great results growing along with the rest of the garden. I tried it on a 4 acre hay field that because of shade it gets has always been a slow grower. I also applied it to some of my deer food plots that have not been doing so well. What I noticed at the end of the season was the corn that was sprayed in the field was taller, had a better stalk, and the ears were more filled out. This was also the first year that my sweet corn did better than just producing a few meals of fresh corn. I actually had enough to eat fresh and freeze. Everything else in my garden produced way more than normal also and I was able to share with family and friends. The hayfield I mowed at the same time as 2 other fields was ready to be mowed 2-3 weeks before the others. As for the deer plots it brought back my clover plot so I didn’t have to replant it and the other grew in thicker and better than they have in a long time. I am definitely planning on using it again this year!

Thanks from a very satisfied customer.

Pat H.


This is what Lavina from Ohio found when she tried Soilate in her garden:

“I have had a garden for 60 years and this is the first time my garden is producing so much that I’m asking neighbors to come and help themselves. So far I have extra green beans and pickles. The corn, red beets, and tomatoes are showing a bumper crop. The flowers have never made such a beauty around our home.”

From the farm of Russ K.

“I used Soilate for the first time in the summer of 2017. We only used it on the hay fields some what as test plots and doing partial application. This gave us side by side comparison and it was very obvious. Everything that had Soilate applied was greener, leafier, and taller. Looking forward to using more the 2018 season.”